The Knowledge Centre for Housing Economics – an initiative from Realdania

The Knowledge Centre for Housing Economics is a project established by the strategic foundation Realdania, see www.realdania.org

The initiative was originally established for the period 2009-2012, but has been prolonged until the end of 2022. The task is to create a better understanding of and debate about the problems and challenges facing the Danish housing economy. The background for the initiative is the international economic crisis, which has hit the Danish housing market hard and caused substantial falls in housing prices and wealth.

Housing stock in Denmark amounts to 350 million m2, which is about 64 m2 per inhabitant. The total gross capital stock of all Danish dwellings in 2008 was over 4,100 billion Danish kroner.

The potential impact from the housing economy on the overall economic development and employment is substantial. However, housing economics does not always attract the attention it deserves from politicians and economists

The Knowledge Centre is both impartial and politically neutral.